The Noble Eightfold Path

by Christopher

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Build a profitable work at home or small business by following the path.

1 – Right View: A person should ensure that he/she is looking at a situation in a balanced manner.

2 – Right Intentions: A person should know what their true intent is, when engaging in a behavior.

3 – Right Speech: Is the person abstaining from lying, abstaining from slander, abstaining from harsh speech, and abstaining from mindless chatter and gossip?

4 – Right Action: Is the action one is taking, productive and helpful to all?

5 – Right Livelihood: Is the occupation in which one is engaging helpful to mankind or is it harmful?

6 – Right Effort: Is the person actually making an effort to improve their life or just trying to create the image of doing so?

7 – Right Mindfulness: Is the person actually in the moment or is their mind constantly on the past (depression) or constantly trying to predict the future (anxiety). The present time is the only time we can actually function.

8 – Right Concentration: Is the person concentrating on the right things and are they meditating on things that can develop them as a person?

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